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Passion and experience

We are a stable private company based on only Polish capital, which funds
its development independently and has achieved success in computer industry.


Cross Ltd. was created in 1988. It was founded by a group of enthusiasts - cybernetics, IT and electronics
graduates centred around Włodek "Cross" Glinka. The first company headquarters was located in a garage
in the Warsaw Mokotow district. Our company history therefore resembles - toutes proportions gardées - the
history of development of the giants from the Silicon Valley.

  • We are a stable private company based on only Polish capital. We fund our development independently.
  • We have extensive technical facilities, we employ highly qualified professionals best Polish university graduates.
  • We are able to carry out the most advanced IT projects using latest technological developments.


We create software for large and medium sized companies. Polish and international companies. In over 20
years we completed several hundred computer software projects (installing networks and our own systems).

Several hundred network servers, several thousand workstations and terminals (HP, IBM, Sun, Wyse,
Microsoft) and various network equipment (Alcatel, Cisco, 3Com) work under our supervision. Apart from
our own projects we implement software from renowned producers (Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, Red Hat).

Among our clients are: banks (PKO Bank Polski, Kredyt Bank, cooperative banks), the energy sector (Polskie
Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA, Karpacka Gas Company Ltd., Gornoslaska Gas Company Ltd.,
Gaz-System Ltd.), as well as institutional customers (Ministry of Justice-Central Prison Service Management
Board, The National Broadcasting Council, Polish Security Printing Works, Warsaw Airport Services, General
Headquarters of Police).


  • We create software using generally accepted standards and the latest information technology achievements,
    complying with IT products (e.g. WebSphere, Oracle, SAP, MS SQL, Sybase).
    • We make use of modern tools and software engineering technology.
      We specialise in creating application software made to individual order.
    • Our teams of consultants and designers have not only knowledge and
      abilities, but are also flexible and open to the needs of the customer, which
      guarantees that the software we create is friendly and adapted to these
      individual needs.
    • We draw up comprehensive projects for the computerisation of companies or
      the development of existing systems.
    • We handle the integration of the customer's IT systems.
  • We create software for mobile devices.
  • We provide a comprehensive service, which guarantees peace and sense of security: analysis and advice,
    preparation of the applications, delivery and installation of the equipment, implementation of the system,
    training, warranty and post-warranty service.