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For 20 years we have created software to
our customer's individual order, using the best practices
and safe solutions.

  • Offer - Customer service systems
  • Offer - Systems for banks
  • Offer - Systems for power industry
  • Offer - Software systems and integration
  • Offer - Mobile applications
  • Offer - Technical support and customer service

Custom-made Software

During the two decades we have finalized a number of projects, which has enabled us to better
understand consumer expectations. The key to our success was always an in-depth understanding
of the expectations of the other party and providing exactly the product which the orderer required.
That is why we pay so much attention to customer needs analysis and we make no major design
decision without his acceptance. We know that there are no unresolvable problems and that by
working together we can achieve the best results. Any idea we try to study carefully and if possible
propose different variants of its implementation.

We treat technology only as a tool to achieve the objective. We know that any project requires an
individual approach and there are no solutions, which perform well in every situation. That is why we
constantly monitor all emerging innovations in the field of IT and try to apply only those which are
checked, recognised and backed up by a manufacturer guaranteeing the customer's safety.
We use best practices and design patterns. We create software in a multi-tier architecture as well
as client-server. We handle the integration systems to improve the functioning of companies.
We write applications for mobile devices to provide information from the field to the head-office faster.

We know that providing the software for our customer is only just the beginning of our mutual

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